Wolfline Capital Earns Another "The Best Corporate Lawyer" Prize Nomination

Press-release on the company's nomination for the Best Corporate Lawyer 2021 Award

Wolfline Capital Earns Another

On November 19, 2021, Wolfline Capital for the third time in a row became a privileged nominee to The Best Corporate Lawyer Prize in the finance category.

“Wolfline Capital is very proud to be dignified with this nomination again, and we will keep putting our best efforts to maintain the ambitious standards of our work,” says Nikita Dolgiy, managing partner of Wolfline Capital.

Since 2020, Wolfline Capital’s efforts have facilitated the placement of its clients’ securities in Europe for a total of 569 million US dollars.

The 2021 awards have been represented in seventeen nominations and gathered the best teams of corporate law professionals from well-known Russian companies. The annual contest for the Best Corporate Lawyer award is a remarkable annual event organized by Moscow-based Corporate Lawyer magazine in partnership with prominent Russian law firms. The goal of the contest is to recognize and promote valuable achievements of corporate law industry professionals, as well as provide a viable platform for networking and sharing the knowledge and best practices of corporate legal departments.

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