Investment-themed conference and networking event "Investments Today"

Press release on Wolfline Capital attending investment-themed conference and networking event "Investments Today"

Investment-themed conference and networking event

Greetings from Wolfline Capital!

We would like to share with you the great impressions from a high-profile investment-themed conference and networking event "Investments Today" organized for investment industry professionals by Global Media and Business Network TOPGRAGE on August 27, 2021, Moscow.

The event was held on a sailing boat and comprised presentations by top investment industry experts on global investment markets outlook and trends, investment instruments, associated risks, and others.

Wolfline Capital and other participants of the event enjoyed exchanging expert views on such topics as understanding the dynamics of the stock markets, determining securities’ value, assessing multiple risks, and the long-short volatility-based market-neutral approach to portfolio hedging.

The event served as a great platform for bringing together and networking among investment industry professionals and experts, allowing a great opportunity for them to share their opinions, perspectives identify potential investment options, and just have a fascinating time for informal interaction and fun doing water maneuvers sailing on a fantastic yacht!

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